Trending Topic: SBCC and HIV Treatment Adherence

This set of guidelines from UNAIDS provides a results-driven framework to expedite and greatly expand coverage of HIV testing and trreatment.

The guidelines are based on three principles:

This comprehensive booklet outlines many aspects of HIV.  It begins with explaining how the body defends itself against illness, and then goes on to explain how HIV works in the body. In addition to the basic information, several HIV positive individuals are profiled throughout the booklet.

The contents include:

This pamphlet explains the importance of getting tested for HIV as the first step in protecting oneself and one's partners and living a healthy life.

This is an online flipbook which outlines the importance of adherence to one's HIV/AIDS treatment regimen.  It explains what adherence means, what happens if one does not take one's treatment, and offers some advice on how to adhere to treatment plans.