NURHI Get it Together Campaign

This conceptual framework for the Nigeria Urban Reproductive Health Initiative Project was based on the broader concept that, using a theory-based approach rooted in a social-ecological model, supply and demand side initiatives will be integrally linked.  Thus, demand will push supply and supply will rise to meet the challenge.   

This infographic summarizes the impact of the Nigerian NURHI projet on contraceptive use and attitufdes about contraception. It includes statistics about how many lives are saved by the use of family planning.

This is a template developed by the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI) to guide the social mobilizers representing NURHI during key life events celebrations (weddings, child naming ceremony, trade graduation ceremony) where the audience get FP information and referral for services.

These are attractive communication materials developed by the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI). They are everyday use items and are conspicuiously branded with the Get It Together Logo and family planning messages to create awareness.  Included: bag, T-shirts, umbrella, bumper sticker, pins, danglers, vests.

This is a 3-piece small colourful card designed with the NURHI Get It Together Logo and given to potential clients by social mobilizers to refer them to the nearst health center so that they can access family planning services.

A short white board animation video that illustrates how the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative used Ideational Theory to inform and design the successful project mass media campaign, activities, messages and materials.