Coronavirus - COVID-19 Resources

CoronApp Colombia is a mobile application of the National Government of Colombia used to strengthen the monitoring of public health risks associated with Coronavirus.

The COVID-19 app has up-to-date information from trusted sources about the coronavirus disease that is impacting people across the world. It has a screening tool so you can find out what you should do now for yourself or for a loved one. And it gives you access to resources you may need to feel supported and informed.

The "Protector" app crosses your location with the corona patients' path maps verified and updates you in case of overlap. The app runs in the background and your information stays on your device only.

The new Track-Virus app in conjunction with Rescue Union is the first global app to help stop virus spread and infectious disease. The app maps the locations where possible exposures are based on information shared by health authorities.

The World Health Organization has created a series of graphics to show important myths and facts related to COVID-19. Each graphic can be downloaded and shared.

WHO is leading the effort to slow the spread of the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. But a global epidemic of misinformation—spreading rapidly through social media platforms and other outlets—poses a serious problem for public health.