Breakthrough ACTION COVID-19 Technical Briefs

This Technical Brief presents workarounds—tips and tricks to use digital platforms—to conduct pretests virtually. In this document, two instances for virtual pretesting are presented: the development of social and behavior change (SBC) materials and the development of job aids. Both use similar processes, but with specific differences that are highlighted in this document.

Ongoing marginalization or discrimination in societies around the world, caused and perpetuated in large part by unfair public policies, leads to certain people and groups having more or less access to resources and services based on their social class, race/ethnicity, gender, religion, migrant or citizenship status, ability, or other aspects of their identities.

Ce guide concis comprend des réflexions, des ressources et des messages importants pour aider les programmes nationaux à adapter leurs programmes de CSC axés sur la PF/SR face aux défis posés par le COVID-19. Les adaptations apportées aux programmes et aux messages doivent refléter le contexte national, les services disponibles et la réponse du gouvernement local, notamment celle des instances de coordination en charge de la communication sur les risques liés au COVID-19 et des efforts d'engagement communautaire.

This short guide includes important considerations, messages, and resources to support country programs in adapting their FP/RH-focused SBC programming in response to the challenges presented by COVID-19. Program adaptations and messaging should be adapted in line with country context, available services, and local government response, including that of coordinating bodies responsible for COVID-19 risk communication and community engagement efforts.