Breakthrough ACTION COVID-19 Indonesia

BA is providing staff to support the National COVID-19Task Force–focused on the public communication component.

Campaigns include

  • Working with Youth Religious Leaders and Organizations 

    • Working with Youth Religious Leaders and organizations: Weekly webinars with youth leaders throughout Indonesia
      • These groups have large community networks
      • Promoting the main messages and activities of the COVID Task Force
      • Youth leaders engage their networks at the community level with the messages and information
      • They receive sets of materials that they can rebrand and repackage based on their own groups and images
  • Community channels–disseminating materials and messages coming out of the Task Force tocommunity networks, mainly through online channels.

  • Indonesian Girls:  Actions to Fight COVID-19

  • Webinar for young women from the youth religious organizations: “Indonesian Girls Actions to Fight Corona Virus” - four young women were the resource people
  • Updates on what is happening in Indonesia with COVID-19 and next steps on moving forward as a community to fight the pandemic
  • Discussion on the function of the mosque:  How to change from just a center for prayer to community resource:
  • Food center
  • Data collection
  • Economic resiliency center
  • Health promotion
  • Psychological support
  • Social Media and Ramadan

Using  social media platforms (FB, IG, Twitter)  disseminate messages focused on Ramadan 

•  Praying at home for morning and evening prayers
•  Linking with the MUI’s  fatwa on praying from home and not gathering at the Mosque or together for prayers
•  Steps to take – washing hands with soap, using your own prayer rug, etc.
•  Tips on fasting and when you shouldn’t fast

This is a set of materials developed to provide Mosques with information and materials around COVID-19 prevention. Includes a short book, video, flyer, poster, and banner.